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A Youtube Sensation

We have appeared on numberous Youtube Reaction Channels throughout the years. Being accepted as a brand on one of the most biggest visual based platforms is always a superb feeling as a musician.

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"Dawg, that dude is a monster forreal. He's a monster forreal. Is this horrorcore enough for you?"

- Too Lit Mafia (Youtube Reactor 500K+ Subscribers)

“People get inspired by emotion...and then later as you become a professional, you learn techniques, you learn about wordplay, you learn about different rhyme schemes, were a mathematician of hip hop and then later discovered there’s emotion in it.”

- Replicon Radio (Underground Radio Station)

"Bought some hot sauce my daughter for her Birthday basket of horror. Who knew it would have come from a musician?! She loved it and I keep stealing it for my eggs :P So Candy FIRE!!!!! yummy. The little extras included were such a surprise. Lyrizone Rules!"