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  • Unleashing the Epic Fusion: "23 KNIVES" Takes Metal and Fantasy to Ancient Rome

    · By Joseph Moreno

    With "23 KNIVES," Lyrizone catapults us into the heart of Ancient Rome, where the weight of history collides with the raw energy of metal. As the song unfolds, we witness a grandiose tale of audacious ambition as Lyrizone boldly seizes Julius Caesar's throne, subverting history in a thrilling twist. The vivid imagery and captivating lyrics paint a picture of rebellion, power, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.  

  • Horror Short Saturday (The Lonely Slasher & After the Slasher)

    · By Brandon Shelton

    Lyrizone is back with another episode of Horror Short Saturday! In this entry, everyone's favorite masked friend reacts to a double feature. Serial killers in horror movies are always presented as psychopaths, but if you ask The Lonely Slasher, he would say that is just a stereotype! In the case of the first featured short, he just might be a little misunderstood.  Have you ever wondered what a horror movie post-massacre police interrogation looks like? "After the Slasher" gives you that luxury when a lone survivor recounts her experience to detectives. Will her story hold up, or is she in...